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Thank you

Hi Raffaella, thank you again for your excellent guide services! I really enjoyed the things you showed me in and around Palermo. I will recommend you to anyone I know coming here.

All the best, John Myers

5 Stars Private guided tour of Palermo, Sicily

Our hotel put us in touch with Rafaella Niccolini, a licensed guide in Palermo. She met us at our hotel at 10:00 AM the day after we had arrived in Palermo. The three of us set out for a walking tour that lasted about 3.5 hours. We enjoyed her company so much that we invited her to lunch, too. We walked to all the historic sites, visited churches and enjoyed the architecture and learning the history of this fascinating city. She was very well informed and spoke English beautifully as she had been an exchange student in the US.

Raffaella, the day I spent with you was wonderful, each and every aspect of it. You extended of yourself to fit in as much as possible and the scope of the day continues to amaze me.
You focused on my interest in art, architecture and everyday culture. Your knowledge of individual pieces of sculpture and paintings in museums was remarkable.
One of the many highlights of the day was attending the opera, thanks to you helping me to get an evening ticket.
I also thoroughly enjoyed the lunch, eating with local folk and having some of the popular food. Thank you so much for the special day.

Joann T.

January the 25th 2015: Our Palermo Tour

Thank you, Raffaella, for a fabulous tour of Palermo. You allowed us to set
the pace and determine our destinations. Your were extremely knowledgeable and
you gave us great insight into the various aspects of the city and Sicilian
life. Also, it was a pleasure to meet your friends and colleagues as we walked
around Palermo. Your English is fantastic and you have a good sense of humor
which our family enjoyed! We felt very fortunate to spend the day with you!

Buon Anno!!!

Regards, Anne, Robert and William Kraus


Raffaella was a wonderful guide. Our morning tour of Palermo was a highlight of our holiday in Sicily. Raffaella communicated her knowledge of the attractions very well, and even more importantly she looked after our safety and comfort.
Raffaella always answered our emails promptly and was a pleasure to deal with.
Highly recommended.

– Ian Gaudion

Best Tour Guide in Palermo

I would highly recommend Raffaella Niccolini as a tour guide. Her professionalism was above and beyond what I usually experience with guides. While on business in Palermo I was unable to get the necessary permits required to carry out my business. Frustrated, I contacted Raffaella who immediately went to work helping me. Raffaella spent several hours on the phone chasing down the proper authorities for me to contact. I had tried for several days to do this on my own without success and I would probably still be there trying if Raffaella had not assisted me. Her knowledge of the area as well as of how things work, and the proper channels to follow was invaluable and as a direct result of her help my trip was a success. Thank you Raffaella!

Thank you!

Dear Raffaella,

Fred and I want to thank you again for the excellent tour you gave us while in Palermo. We tell everyone that you maneuvered the streets like a pro. We never could have safely driven and arrived at our destination. We took your suggestion and ate at ristorante Sesto Canto and it was the BEST dinner we had throughout our whole time in Italy and Sicily. *We mentioned your name and we were given complimentary sparkling wine. Fred and I could barely walk out of the ristorante, we were so full.

It was a pleasure to meet you and I will make sure to tell Alberto that if he has other travellers who visit Sicily, to please do themselves a favor and hire you to take them on a guided tour. We got so much out of your narration and information and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

It has taken us a few days to get back to Michigan time or I would have written sooner. Continued good luck in the tour business. We hope everyone enjoys themselves as much as we did.


Marla and Fred Meldrum

Raffaella Niccolini incredible tour guide!

Raffaella was so helpful when we were making our plans for Sicily. Her emails to all my inquiries were prompt, informative and helpful! Then we arrived and met up with her, OH my goodness, what a wonderful guide. She has so much knowledge, her English is fantastic, and her personality is incredible. She took us on a private day trip to Sant’Agata where we hoped to find some relatives. Her hard work paid off! We met with our family, she translated between us and them, the experience was priceless. We plan to return and attend her group tour of Palermo along with future private tours. She exceeded our every need, and ended our trip with a visit to the best gelato shop where we experienced a gelato sandwich!! When we said our goodbyes, I felt like we were leaving a family member. We highly recommend her!!