Palermo & Me

Raffaella in Piazza PretoriaPalermo city is a mixture of different emotions throughout the centuries… walking along the narrow streets of the Medieval age, flanked by the rich and important baroque palaces once mirror of the Spanish domination… the scent of cooking tradition as a melting pot of the different cultures which flourished in this land, giving a special flavour and light to a such a charming city… this is Palermo!

Discover its hidden treasures with me. Give me the great opportunity to share my inner emotions about the beauty of the Arabic Norman style churches, about the baroque marble in layworks enriching the halls of the palaces, the private chapels and the impressive churches. Let me show you the majesty of neoclassic style in the grand theaters, and the eclectic liberty style, characterizing an unforgettable side of the city.

Let’s take a walk together through the exciting arabic market, to taste the true sicilian food.

Have a nice day with your personal guide… me!