Palermo and the Gay Pride

Palermo and gay pridePalermo always surprises me!!!. It’s a city where narrow streets,fascinating monuments,rich old palaces are the mirrow of a  such glorius past, powerfull and important city in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

On the contrary,sometimes, I fell like nothing will change in this city…but suddenly I find out an unexpected side of the city itself..something that I would have never imaged..about it…Palermo is going to be the  Italian Capital for the Gay Pride on 22sd June 2013!!

I’m very proud of it but I’m even more surprised  by learning that ,in Palermo city there is the first ,in Italy, public surgery, in Civico Hospital ,for the transexuals …

and I found out that  Cosimo Scordato ,an open minded priest, takes  a meeting with gays,lesbos and Transexuals  in his church,San Saverio church ,every Wednesday in order to read and to study the Bible to find out any references to omosexual world…and moreover… the first Arci Gay Club of Italy  was born in 1980 in Palermo city..!!

Well..everybody has realised that something new was in the air…since when the new President of Sicily  has been  elected ,Rosario Crocetta ,openly gay declared,..and that the winner of  Mister Gay of Italy is a guy from Palermo…

So,wellcome Gay Pride in Palermo city…a city gay friendly..!!

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