Palermo,why not?

Settembre e ottobre 2012 038Palermo is a fascinating city,between the GoldenValley Mountains and the big golf,it ‘s a phoenician site founded in VIII c. B.C,Palermo is a perfect setting to enjoy your summer vacations.

The breeze of the Thyrrenian Sea  blows through the narrow medieval streets,through the amazing dancing  halls of the rich Baroque Palaces,through the charming  maiolica terraces on the bay,shaking the Palm trees and spreading the scent of the Zagara flower all over …making Palermo city magic and  unique!

The beautiful sandy beach ,the impressive monuments,mirror of a glorious past,the baroque fountains,the large avenues  of the liberty style side of the city where  you can stroll and enjoy  the everyday life

Palermo,why not?

Come to Palermo and let’s discover such an exciting city,guided by me!..your private licenced guide!

RaffaellaPalermo Why Not?



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