Salt pans in Sicily

imageSitting in front of  the Salt pans of Marsala,enjoying the beauty of a such incredible miracle of nature…salt in the seawater  harvested and collected making  a pyramid of salt!

The landscape is almost unreal…cones of white salt and windmills characterize the skyline of this side of Sicily…Stagnone Sea…is closed by  small islands  among them Mozia is the most important  archeological Phoenician site .

It’s very pleasant  to  feel  the  breeze of the sea which moves the windmills and the scent of wild nature  and the dust of the ancient stones of a glorious past…

Sitting and wondering how Dionysios I ,the Greek,  could have destroyed such a fortified island and defeated such an intelligent Phoenician people…

Waves and waves passed over  their  glory and the salt covered any traces of their past…

Sitting ,wondering and enjoying such a beautiful place!

Come and share with me such a feeling!

your guide…Raffaella




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