Catacombs and BBC in Palermo!

imageToday it has been a great experience!
Shooting an interview to me in the Catacombs of Palermo city!
The BBC program is for children from 6 to 12 years old and the visit to the Catacombs such as my explanations about it were tailored made to this age!
It has been very exciting to perform the rule in such a kind of joke to make the visit funny and not so serious!!!
The two actors were fabulous ,they knew how to make the subject amusing and interesting to catch children’ attention!
This special place,the Catacombs,is full of emotions ’cause these embalmed bodies were true persons and they are mirror of their age and habit of the past centuries.It’s rather impressive to see men,women,children embalmed and put into niches like mummies…they are mummies!
So, another opportunity to share my great experience with you!
Come and visit the Catacombs guided by me!

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