Broccoli and Fava Beans

This  morning,strolling through tha faboulous and colourfull market, I bought a beautiful broccolo and some fava beans.

Sicilians love Broccolo which is a  local production from Sicily,and it ‘s green colour ,despite of the white italian’s one

Winter is Broccoli,Fava beans and artichokes season…you can see them everywhere in the middle of the orange and lemon fruit colour which charactherizes the market

A true Sicilian Recipe is “Macco di Fave” (fave soup) it’s a sort of soup,a cream, fava beans made with onion and pieces of bread ,if you like,as in the past  poor country people were used to have for dinner

It’ easy and very good !Here is:

I put fava beans(dried one) in the water for 12 hours,then I strain the water off and I put fava beans to boil in  the water  adding slices of onions and salt.

When fava beans are cooked, creating a sort of cream,you add a little bit of vergin olive oil ,sicilian one ,from Castelvetrano or from Cefalù (one of the best local production)..and it’s done!

Did you know that Romans believed that fava beans were ancestors’souls ?

..and here comes the true Palermo tradition on 2nd November(Deceaseds Anniversary) when parents give  presents and fava beans to their children in order to remember and to keep their dead relatives’s memory alive in the new generation ‘one.

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